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a consulting firm that designs and delivers strategic stakeholder and indigenous engagement programs for corporate clients, regulatory agencies and three levels of government.

Stakeholder and Indigenous Engagement

Each project is unique. We develop and implement engagement programs designed to balance our client's business plans with the needs of the community. We ensure that people are involved in meaningful dialogues, that issues are identified and resolved proactively, and that documentation relevant to the permitting process is maintained.


When conflicts arise, the affected parties will typically take positions and propose solutions that meet their own needs. We guide parties to fully explore and understand the other's point of view. With an increased understanding of the various perspectives to their problem, parties will then have the opportunity to develop innovative and mutually acceptable solutions to resolve their dispute.


Regardless of the arena in which you work, IAP2’s Foundations in Public Participation can broaden your toolkit and bring greater creativity to your approach. This programme will give you a broad-based understanding of how public participation works across the world.

Foundations is right for anyone working for or involved in public participation and community engagement projects.

Regulatory Support

Guidance, research and writing support, for project applications in a regulated environment, including application development; engagement activity reporting; and information requests response-writing.

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Kairos provides a variety of services to facilitate and support meaningful engagement.

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Our Team

Kairos collaborates with a network of highly experienced professionals, so that we can customizes our team to ensure a successful outcome for our clients. Our network includes expertise in indigenous and stakeholder engagement, government relations, social media, media relations, graphic design, online engagement tools, communication materials. Detailed team information can be provided on request.
Moment of Opportunity

Moment of Opportunity

Kairos is a Greek word, interpreted to mean the "moment of opportunity", as described in the following story:

As an archer pulls back on his bow, there is a precise moment when the arrow is in perfect alignment with the target. Success requires that the archer's arrow be fired not only accurately but with enough power for it to penetrate. It is said that a person who has the gift of Kairos not only senses such a moment, but seizes it as an opportunity to hit their target with each and every attempt.

Brenda Walton

Brenda Walton


While Brenda has focused her work predominately in the oil and gas sector in Alberta and British Columbia, she also has experience working on power generation projects, intensive livestock operations, education programs, and consultation with indigenous communities. She has considerable experience with stakeholder surveys and interviews, and has proven skills in writing, editing, and formatting materials for public presentation.
Brenda is a lifetime member of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) and in 2007 she became one of their licensed trainers. In addition, Brenda has a Certificate in Corporate Community Relations through Boston College, has completed over 230 training hours in Conflict Management and Interest-Based Negotiations, and is a Certified Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) facilitator. Prior to her consulting career, Brenda was employed in the oil and gas sector as a Community and Aboriginal Relations Liaison.

What people are saying about us

Check out more on Brenda's LinkedIn profile at linkedin.com/in/brendawalton

Annie Korver

Indigenous inclusion and economic development practitioner

Brenda is a leader and a visionary in our community, in both Alberta and British Columbia. Not only does she successfully create, implement and execute stakeholder engagement activities for her clients - she is inspirational while doing so. The integration of her expertise in coaching and mentoring enhances her success in the realm of stakeholder engagement, has added value to Rise Consulting and has provided support to me through her collaborative approach on projects that we have worked on together.

Paula Hall

Owner and Principal, Magenta Communications Inc

Brenda is an excellent facilitator, with an outstanding ability to connect with people. Her strong understanding of public participation techniques coupled with her communication skills makes her a valuable part of any public consultation program or communications team. I'd jump at the chance to work alongside Brenda again!

Victoria Sedgwick

Senior Advisor, Capacity Development

Brenda has a way of communicating that encourages people to engage in the conversation. This supports wholesome group participation and input to creating an end product everyone feels connected to. Her years of positive relationship building experience make her a subject matter expert worth listening to and learning from.